That's it folks, it's all over. And Stewart Chesterton from Traveltek won the World Cup Goal Game, jumping to the top within the last few games thanks to the Brazil v Germany game earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who took part and I hope you enjoyed it. See you again for Euro 2016.

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New car bought. Brand new Renault Scenic. Not exciting, fairly dull family car. But loads of space, economic, good toys. And frankly, it was either that or push the Qashqai off a cliff because we hate it so much. Will buy the Porsche next year.

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And we're off. Entries now closed. Thanks for all those that joined, there's almost 60 of us in this thing. Nigel has taken an early lead by putting all his eggs in the one basket, and that basket being the first game.

I'll keep the scores and scorers up to date as best I can, hopefully within a couple of hours of the games finishing, or if I'm watching them, during play. You can always check the Games tab to see which ones have had the scores entered, so you know what you've been assigned the points for.

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Last chance for the World Cup Goal Game! You need to join before 9pm. The more the merrier.

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The World Cup is almost here, which means my goal competition is too. Join in, tell your friends, etc.

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What Film down again. MySQL keeps crashing. Memory issue I think, but always seems to be plenty.

Sunday, June 8th 2014, 3:31pm | Tweets | twitter Twitter | Permalink

Home. Knackered. May need coffee.

Saturday, June 7th 2014, 12:51pm | Tweets | twitter Twitter | Permalink

Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)

Leaving. Waaaaaa.

Friday, June 6th 2014, 9:21pm | Location | 4sq Foursquare | Permalink

The Cheesecake Factory

So good we just had to come back.

Thursday, June 5th 2014, 5:50pm | Location | 4sq Foursquare | Permalink

La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil

Hopefully there's no scary clowns.

Wednesday, June 4th 2014, 9:13pm | Location | 4sq Foursquare | Permalink

Playgrounds in Xcode6 make it really easy to get a handle on Swift and how it works. Good riddance Obj-C, hello language I might use.

Wednesday, June 4th 2014, 3:42am | Tweets | twitter Twitter | Permalink

AMC Downtown Disney 24

Just the best cinema experience there is. X-Men was great, and the comfy seats and food service throughout the film can't be beat.

Tuesday, June 4th 2014, 12:49am | Location | 4sq Foursquare | Permalink

I want to try iOS8, Xcode and Yosemite, but the download speed here means that’s going to take 2 days to download. Bums.

Monday, June 2nd 2014, 10:09pm | Tweets | twitter Twitter | Permalink

Document Picker and associated storage provider extensions mean that iOS can finally manage files. That makes the iPad so much more useful.

Monday, June 2nd 2014, 9:00pm | Tweets | twitter Twitter | Permalink

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