13 Sep 2014

Kevin Rose's new app, via North Technologies, is Tiiny. It's another social photo sharing thing, because the world doesn't have enough already. The USP is that all photos only last 24 hours, and more importantly, they're all tiny. Really tiny. 212x212 pixels tiny.

The idea is that when they are this small and fleeting, as Kevin explains in the post he wrote on Medium, you don't worry too much about filters, and framing, and how you look, and instead just blast photos into the stream.

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Apple Wearable Speculation

08 Sep 2014

The reason why I think so many people enjoy following Apple rumours and speculation is that it's a giant detective game. Each Chinese factory leak, analyst note, patent filing, anonymous photograph and even blatant fake video is another clue to the puzzle that needs to be solved. And, like a TV season finale (unless you're watching Lost), an Apple event comes along and answers all the questions and reveals the killer.

This season, the story around the iPhone release was just poorly plotted. What started as a few hints in the first few episodes of larger devices, ended with photographs from the factory and video of completed, working devices before we were too far past the mid-season sweeps. There's probably not a whole lot still to be said about what's going to be announced, it's looking so much like a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5 inch iPhone 6+ that it would be foolish of me to suggest anything else. WWDC already showed most of what iOS8 is going to do, but I am expecting to see something more solid around HomeKit and HealthKit, the two new iOS8 features for managing home automation and fitness/health devices.

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In Brief

My name is Richard Smith, and I'm the Development Director at Traveltek. I also run What Film.