Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Another day, another book finished.

I’ve been a fan of NPH since the Doogie Howser days, and with those Audible credits needing to go somewhere (picking books is hard!) I thought I’d see what he had to say for himself.

This is an autobiography in the vain of those Choose Your Own Adventure books that even I did as a kid. As an audiobook, that doesn’t work too well, so it’s been adapted to fit the medium… and it still doesn’t work too well. Not that I think it would work well in paper form either. It’s an interesting idea, and I can see why he wanted to do things a little differently, but the jumping around his timeline just becomes annoying. Descriptions of stories are mentioned that you don’t then hear for another 2 hours.

The content on the whole is strong, and Neil’s narration (I always prefer when autobiographies are narrated by the actual person) does make it a much more personal listening experience. There are many good stories, and lots of things I didn’t know. I would have liked to hear more about How I Met Your Mother because I was a fan of that show for so many years, and I can’t believe that nothing happened throughout the run that was book-worthy. Apart from the casting process and the description of a typical week on that show, nothing else is mentioned.

What comes across most is how down to earth he is. Despite the rocketing career trajectory he’s been on over the past 5-10 years, he comes across as a genuinely affable family man. So don’t expect a salacious tell all, just prepare to learn something about the life of somebody who would make a great dinner companion.

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