The Procurer

I wrote a book, it’s awesome, and you should buy it.

You can do that from Amazon UK or Amazon US or any other Amazon you want. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Once you’ve bought it, you should tell your friends to buy it. Then you should all write reviews so everyone else can learn how awesome it is.

It’s a thriller about two bombings, an attacker with unusual demands, and an MI5 agent in an Italian prison who may be able to resolve it all. It’s my first book, and although I had no real idea what I was doing, writing it was cracking good fun. It’s not too long a book either, which should make it a good choice if you’re going to find yourself on a flight or long train journey.

This post is pure self-promotion. But since I’ve currently only sold 3 copies, and would like to sell more (and write more), that’s fine.

I Must Say

Martin Short’s autobiography.

I’m really enjoying the celebrity bio right now, as long as it’s read by the author. I just love hearing all the stories. And Martin Short has lots of them. Like the NPH book, the best celebrity stories are the ones where they are starstruck. Or where they can’t believe the position they find themselves in. Short’s Christmas parties sound exactly like this, where the talent on offer sounds like the greatest evening you’ll ever have. And to him, he can’t quite believe it’s all happening either.

Most of all, I like the stories where our author sounds human. A normal person, doing a job, it just happens that a lot of people see the work they do. That really comes across here. He would be quite the dinner guest.

Buy it on Amazon.

Off to Be the Wizard and Spell or High Water

Two books by Scott Meyer that Audible recommended. And I’m glad it did.

The premise is that Martin Banks discovers that reality is all just a computer program, by finding a file on a server that controls the properties of reality. His attempts to wield this new found power end in trouble, making him flee to Medieval England where he plans to be a wizard. Hilarity and a lot more geekery ensue.

This also another great example of a book which comes alive in the audio version. The narrator manages to make the voice of each character distinct, male and female, which is quite a challenge in a book with so many people.

Buy it on Amazon.