I’ve given up on the Apple Watch

I’ve given up on the Apple Watch. It’s been 2 months since I last wore it and any feelings of regret that I may have had from it not being on my wrist are now long gone.

It wasn’t really a slow burn down either, I just needed a break from the constant buzzing and took it off and decided not to wear it the next day. It’s just sat on the charger since, literally gathering dust.

Lack of granular notifications is certainly part of it. Some mail is important and getting it on my wrist is genuinely useful, but so much more of it is not and there’s no way to differentiate. Fitness data is nice, I enjoyed getting the occasional little rewards from it too, but I’m not sure having all that extra data has any real purpose. Apple, like every other fitness band manufacturer is doing nothing to provide insights into all the data you end up recording.

As for apps, I never used any of them. I just wasn’t interested in running anything on a screen that small. And despite all the demos that Apple have done showing what apps can do, I still can’t see any compelling reasons why my opinion on that is going to change.

So instead I’ve gone back to my stainless steel Fossil watch. I don’t need to charge it, it tells the time better and it doesn’t keep vibrating just because I got an email which really could be dealt with later.