Media Diet: January 1st – January 14th 2018

Here’s what I’ve been watching…

Alpha Go (Netflix)
Very good documentary about the Go playing AI from DeepMind. Much less about the technology, and a lot more about the human side, especially from the point of view of Lee Sedol who was the 9 dan master that it beat. He goes in very confidently (at least as outwardly confident as a Korean seems to get), but the look on his face as the computer starts to win, and the way the commentators just totally lose their shit is fascinating. When he wins the fourth game, he was playing for all of humanity, not just himself or his country.

Long Shot (Netflix)
Very quick, 40 minute true crime story about a man arrested for murder who claims his alibi was being at a baseball game with his 6 year old daughter. But as he has motive – how does he prove he was there? A fun story.

Spielberg (Sky Atlantic / HBO)
A two hour documentary about Spielberg should be better than this. The interview with the man itself is fine, but not filled with many new insights. What surrounds it is just a movie clip show, and the occasional friend offering little more of any substance. I would have loved to see more about how he actually works, how he approaches a project, how he manages the people around him to get the work… anything. Not worth your time.

X-Files Season 11×01 and 11×02
I’m not sure Chris Carter should be allowed anywhere near this thing. The cast is great, but the first episode is a total mess. The second one he didn’t write,┬ábut while there’s a lot of fun being had, the nonsensical plot is just there to connect together the ever darker scenes. I’ll keep watching to the end, but I can see why Gillian Anderson is making this her last.