Honest Homepod FAQ

Questions I’ll be asked about Apple’s Homepod by friends and family, and how I will answer them. Presented here to save me the trouble.

What’s a Homepod?

It’s Apple’s new voice-controlled smart speaker. It’s like an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, except it’s $350/£319. It’s designed for playing music.

Cool, I can use Spotify on it then?

Er, no.

Ah, right, so it’s a bluetooth speaker then?

Nope, fraid not.

This sounds weird. Does it have a connection on the back where I plug in one of those standard audio cable things?

No, there’s no connections on it at all.

So it’s a speaker I can’t actually use?

It only works with Apple Music, or anything you’ve uploaded from iTunes to whatever their music storage service is called now.

So I can’t send music to it any other way?

Well, you can use Airplay to send audio from your phone, but there will be a 3 second delay between you asking it do anything and it actually happening. But look, no wires!

Is it actually a good speaker?

Apparently. Seems to depend on what you’re listening to and what kind of room you’re listening in though. But people listen to transistor radios and Echo Dots and don’t seem to care that they often sound like they’re underwater, so you’ll probably not care either.

You said it was smart, so I assume it has Siri and can do all the things my phone can do?

Yes, even if you’re not in the room. Anyone in your house can use it to send messages to your contacts or check your reminders.

What?!? And my calendars?

No. You’re safe there.

This sounds stupid.

That’s not a question.